Uber for Weed Delivery

Weed Online Store formerly known as Canary Weed Delivery has been a marijuana delivery service for weed dispensaries to sell their cannabis products to their customers. After serving the cannabis industry since 2014, we decided to rebrand and incorporate our our services.

We are Uber for Marijuana Delivery

We are featured on NBCNEWS, Vox, CNN and many more.

We deliver discretely worldwide

Weed Dispensary Near Me and you

Weed Online Store apart from been the most recommended weed delivery company is also a weed dispensary near you. We have a physical location for our Marijuana Store, so our customers can either buy weed online or walk in to our store to purchase cannabis.

Weed Online Store Delivery

Weed Online Store been at your service since 2014 is one of the major couriers for weed delivery. We have been delivering weed to customers since 2014 so we can say we are the best team and most trusted source for all online weed for sale purchases. Shop Marijuana Online confidently from Weed Online Store today!